Princes Gate Spring Water

Natural bottled Welsh spring water

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Our story so far

We're pretty easy to please down here at Princes Gate. We love nothing more than a bad weather forecast, a grey sky full of clouds, and the odd torrential downpour.

That's because every drop of rain that falls on the Pembrokeshire Hills around us replenishes the Princes Gate Spring.

Bottled water

We wait patiently for 15 years while it filters through the mineral rich landscape, where it picks up a host of mineral goodness along the way. Then all we do is lovingly bottle it for you to enjoy.

Track one down immediately. Open it. Drink it. Smile.

Then next time it rains, join us by jumping up and down and letting out a little Whoop of joy!

Rain is great. We love it.

Princes Gate Water

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Princes Gate is the official Welsh Water Sponsor of our National Sporting Body - the WRU.

We back our team all the way - you’ll see us all out in force for each match in Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium.

Especially in the rain!