New label, same Princes Gate


We’ve come to realise, despite the fact that we’re a pretty chatty bunch that we need to do more to reach out to our customers and to communicate what we are up to at Princes Gate HQ. We shouldn’t expect people who are interested in Princes Gate to have to spend time searching out information about our water or the actions that we’re taking on recycling and sustainable production. We understand the position we’ve taken as producers of bottled water, which is one of responsibility. We want to inform and inspire positive change in terms of our industry standards and consumer behaviours.


Asking not assuming

We’ve made a good start by spending the last year or so reaching out and asking lots of questions about our approach, our water, our packaging and communications. We’re a friendly and approachable team and our labels have always communicated that nicely, our customers like the fact that we don’t always take ourselves too seriously. However, there were certainly areas we found that we could make some big improvements. We realised that we were making some assumptions, for example, not everyone knew we were Welsh. We’re very proud of our roots and our water from the Welsh mountains.

Our last label showcased and illustrated our environmental credentials by featuring the wind turbines, mountains and farm, but feedback from our customers suggested that people weren’t noticing these specific details as there was so much to take in. They also made another very good point, just because we have them on our label, this doesn’t mean we actually have them on our farm. But we do! We need to communicate and offer evidence of what action we are taking and the proactive approach we have here at the farm and we’re not sure we can use our label alone to do all of this. 


Simple & authentic  

We needed our new label to reflect what we are all about and our no nonsense, ethical approach in an authentic way. We love our fluffy Princes Gate cloud and feel like it’s an iconic and recognisable part of our brand so we haven’t changed things too much, we just wanted to simplify and modernise what we already have and let our product and practices do the talking! When it comes to bottled water or any product these days, consumers are buying more consciously than ever before. We demand the same of ourselves and our suppliers, complete transparency. So you can expect frequent updates from the farm on how we are working towards becoming a completely circular brand in terms of any waste created by Princes Gate.

Princes Gate