Our natural mineral water is delivered by clouds, filtered by rock and bottled by us.

Our secret recipe’s not so secret really.


Fresh from the Preseli Mountains

Our spring is so special to us and for this reason we go to great lengths to look after and nurture it. It can be found on certified organic farmland in a beautiful corner of rural Pembrokeshire. We’re pretty easy to please too. We love nothing more than when rain is forecast, a grey sky full of clouds and the odd torrential downpour. That’s because every drop of rain that falls on the Pembrokeshire hills around us replenishes our precious spring. We then wait patiently, for 15 years in fact, for our water to filter through the mineral-rich rock of the Preseli Mountains, picking up a host of mineral goodness along the way, before we lovingly bottle it at source. We’ve been looking after the spring for 28 years alongside building a business that takes responsibility for our environmental and social impact. We’re very proud of our water and our legacy, but there is always more to do and we’re 100% committed to doing better.


We’re a busy bunch

We’re a small but passionate team at Princes Gate, we want to be as open and transparent as possible with our community and our customers. We love nothing more than getting behind our nation’s sporting events, hydrating our sport stars, using our business to benefit others and being an advocate for change in terms of recycling and environmental responsibility.

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We’ve come a long way

We began by bottling water by hand and delivering it to local schools and businesses in the village with our van. This is the story of how two brothers started sourcing natural mineral water from an organic farm just south of the Preseli Mountains and how we grew to become a trusted supplier of national restaurant chains, hotels, schools and shops.


Closing the loop

We take our environmental responsibilities pretty seriously around here and always have done. We want to protect this beautiful corner of Wales and understand that what we do has a much wider impact if we aren’t pro-active when it comes to recycling practices and energy use. For example, all of our plastic bottles are 100% recyclable (including cap and label) and made out of 51% recycled plastic. But we’re always looking to improve.


Helping our friends

You don’t run a business for 27 years without making a few friends along the way. We’re an active member of the Welsh sporting community and like to support our athletes and amateur sports people as much as we can. We’ve pledged to support and raise money for local charities and our fundraising initiatives are pretty extensive. This year we have committed to helping the autism charity, NAI.


This is Pembrokeshire